All Revved Up For My New Pink Bubble Sparkle Lux De Ville V8 Kiss Lock Bag

Yes!! I'm obsessed with handbags, especially bags from Lux De Ville. My latest "lady" I've added to my already nicely sized bag collection is the V8 Kiss Lock with Black Matte and Pink Bubble Sparkle!


A new style and size for me, this bag comes with a cute V8 charm, but I also added some extra bling bling dice from another bag. I call this bag a "goldilocks size" bag, not to big and not to small, just right. It's that perfect in between size that works for the everyday hustle and bustle, as well as for special occasions.


Lux De Ville handbags are definitely one of my most favorite handbag line. They are very punk rock and rockabilly, unique and super cool as well as fully functional. Even better they are "vegan", (not in the sense you'd eat them), basically means no leather or any other animal part is used in any of their bags, ALL faux, which makes this newly vegetarian a happy girl!


Check out all of the Lux De Ville collection on their website, and get one of these sparkly beauties for yourself!