Plus Size Fall Faves - My Fall Inspired Look Book!

Fall means more then just a change in weather, leaves changing colors, it also means I can break out all my favorite FALL FASHION!!!

The weather is finally becoming a little cooler and a little more "Fall-ish", so I did a little shopping at Torrid (don't tell my husband) and  I bought a bunch of super cute things to add to my fall weather wardrobe.

Here in California it never really gets super cold, so you don't need anything super heavy, which works out for me because I love to layer up, so i'm all set.  

This first outfit pictured above is one of my favorites. It's a leopard print easy one piece dress...with..POCKETS!! I love a dress with pockets! It's everything!  
The dress doesn't come with a shirt underneath, so I added that, and my fav denim vest that I found on Amazon. 

The shoes are made by a brand called TUK, and if you follow me on Instagram you have seen I have become totally obsessed with these shoes! I've bought a few pairs recently and these are one of my faves! 

Now this outfit pictured above, was just something I kind of just through together. I wasn't sure at first if it would work, but it so does! This jacket is like a "OMG LOVE" jacket! meaning when i saw it online I gasped! I was like "I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!" ( unfortunately it's not available anymore.)

I had seen a similar jacket on someone I know, but hers was more expensive and was leather and since recently I decided to no longer buy anything made with real leather, and stick to non leather fashion and accessories, so when I saw this non leather jacket, I just had to get it!

I mean come on, studs, embroidery, roses, literally all things I love in outfits!  The tank is a black velvet tank from Torrid worn over a T-shirt and the shoes are another TUK fave! Leopard print!

This last look is my "fancy going out" fall look. Maybe a "date night" look, or a "go out and get drinks with friends" look. I just love the big cozy-ness of the sweater cardigan! It reminds me of a muppet! it's so cozy and soft, you want to hug yourself! 

What's your favorite look for fall fashion?