Celebrating My Sister in Law's Baby Shower, I'm going to be an Aunt again!

I recently attended my sister in law Susan's baby shower at this amazing restaurant called Cecconi's in West Hollywood. The place was amazing, and the food was incredible. She is having her first child Sienna in January, and it's super exciting. On my end of the family, I currently have 2 nephews and a niece, so with this new addition to the family i'll be an aunt a 4th time!

It seems like only yesterday she just started dating her now husband Dominic, when Larry and I were getting married. But that was 13 years ago! In that time I have seen her blossom into the beautiful women she is now.

I am so happy for Susan and her husband Dominic, and I was so honored to have shared in this time of their lives. They are going to be such good parents, and as an added bonus, Sienna is hopefully going to be my future shopping buddy when she grows up. :)

Here are some pics from the baby shower.