Rocker Chic Done Right in My Sweet Dr Martens

As much as I'm obsessed with handbags, I also love shoes!
Most girls i'm sure are with me on this, but lately I have had a slight obsession with a certain brand, Dr Martens. I loved them in the 90's, and found they are just as cool in 2017! Every time I put them on, I feel like I can "kick butt" and accomplish anything.

They also look super sweet when paired with a Lux De Ville bag, like the one below.


They give that little extra "Rocker Chic" feel to any outfit, and you really don't have to try too hard, they make any outfit cool.

For example, in this outfit pic below, "Rocker Chic" = a distressed pair of jeans, a cute LOGO printed top and my docs. DONE! I have been living in these black and white ones, they just go with everything!



You look amazing!!! I love that top, have it in green. I just took an old pair of jeans and "distressed" it :)