New Lux De Ville Chevron and Web Pink Sparkly Ladies

I simply can't get enough of these friggen darn cool bags!
I recently purchased two of the newest and hottest handbag collections from Lux De Ville. Originally I've seen both online and was debating weather to get one of the other, It was too hard to pick just one, I had to splurge and get both!, and heck, a girls got to do...well you know the rest. The 2 bags I went with are the ones pictured below.20170219_005333_10364_969510.jpeg

The one on the left is one of the newest bags from the "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" Collection called the "Elvira Large Chevron Tote". The one on the right with the spider web is called "Black Widow". They both feature "pink bubbly sparkle" accents (So I went with pink again, it is my favorite color, and cause why would I not?)


LOVE these bags! They really add something awesome to my existing Lux De Ville collection of bags. Also they compliment any edgy outfit, and are subtle enough to wear with basic jeans and rocker related attire. Check out the full line of these sweet ladies at Lux De Ville's website, now go GET YOUR OWN!! these are MINE