Casual Summer Styling Ideas With A Maxi Dress!

Welp, it's definitely summer.
It's the kind of hot that makes you just want to sit in a cool pool relaxing with a cocktail. But if you are a girl on the go and don't have that luxury, it's important to be comfortable. 

To achieve being comfortable as well as super fashionable, what I love to wear during these hot summer months is a simple maxi dress, with some fun add ons.

Maxi's are usually a "one piece and done" but I was thinking of ways I could change it up, wear it more then once, and get lots of use out of them. So here are some ways I've styled some of my fave Maxi dresses to give them a little "erin the edgy chick" vibe, fun and funky!

Like this dress pictured below, which was a super sweet deal on Amazon, that I put this cute "ombre" tank from Torrid over it. I love the dress on its own, but its plain and wanted to jazz it up, so I think this tank did the trick!

Yes, I know, the jean vest, of course, my most favorite vest that I have been wearing all summer long i've yet again used to style up an outfit. Hey it just works gurl, so why not? I love it, I cant help it, it's like that favorite pair of perfect fitting jeans, or that super soft t-shirt that you love and wear with everything.

Back to the dresses, 
I also love black and white and when its in a dress its even better. This super cute little number I bought on HSN ( yes the home shopping network). It's from Diane Gilman who also makes fabulous jeans! It's such a me dress in that I just love the shirt tail hem, the short sleeves and the tie dye print is really cool. It's almost like a modern stripe print dress, and more importantly its SO comfortable and super light weight, which is great for summer weather.

I just threw it on under my fave vest, my silver Birkenstocks and grabbed my fave Lux de Ville Lady Vamp with pink sparkle bag and i was ready to go!

This Maxi is such easy dress to wear and easy is what you want when it's hot and humid! plus its such a easy dress to make more dressy or wear casual.

Sometimes even adding a simple "90's style" t-shirt with a cute knot in front, is a  fun way to style up a maxi, like pictured below. Now its not really a maxi but this dress rocks I had to include it! It's from universal standard and its and so comfortable I have been wearing a ton! I love the asymmetrical hem at the bottom and how perfect it works on me even being short! LOVE IT!!

Well that's just a few of my ideas to "beat the heat but not the look", and style up a Maxi.

What are some of your ideas? Just leave me a comment below, i'd love to hear about how you style things up.

That's all for now Edgy Chicks! Bye!