See ya 2016! Bring it on 2017! A Quick Recap of My 2016 Special Moments.

It's officially the end of 2016.
If you've been paying attention to the news, i'm sure you'll agree that A LOT has happened in the world in general in 2016. A lot of good things happened, some not so good things happened, so as the end of 2016 draws near, it's time to un-wind from the craziness, and get ready to ring in 2017 "like a boss". Hopefully 2017 will be a fresh start for most, at least for me in some ways.

I decided that I want to celebrate on a personal level what happened for me in 2016. This post will showcase moments of personal reflection as we end another year and move into a new beginning of a new year.

In no particular order....

  • Discovering the benefits of Medical Marijuana, and inner peace within, becoming in general, a more confident me.
  • The re brand of not only myself, but also with this blog from "edgy chick style" to a more personal blog, and also using this blog as more of a vehicle of self expression.
  • As well as my re-brand, I also changed my fashion style a little, trying out different clothing brands etc.
  • My Baptism - This was HUGE for me, I was previously very disconnected from religion, this brought me back.
  • Stepping out of the box even more and becoming more adventurous, trying new things, be more open.
  • Not worrying so much about what others think, and be myself, and encourage others to be themselves.
  • Be more social in general, with this blog in particular, put it out there, and block the haters and trolls and bad comments, or ignore them, and let those that care, see my cool pics and cool outfits etc..