Being a “Fur Kid” Mom feels like a Full Time Job

When we first became pitbull owners or “pittie parents”, we also became part of a special group of people who have to be strong and stand up for this breed’s awareness.

We learned that when you adopt a “pittie” or bully breed such as the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or Bull Terrier (or as I like to call them, “smooshies”) that you also need to be ready for some interesting “opinions”.

As children you are told not to judge a “book by its cover”. As adults this saying should also hold true, however a lot of people / the media ignore the real temperament of this dog, and coming from experience you will never know the love of a dog until you have met a pittie.

It was difficult in the beginning, we had to deal with a lot of opinions on how we had adopted an “aggressive” dog just because of the breed, and that all of a sudden this made me what? a bad person? a criminal? cause criminals are the only people that would ever want a dog like that or something? It was weird, and last I checked, I have never been to jail nor was I running an illegal dog fighting enterprise in my back yard.

Oliver (who we usually call “Moose”) and Gemma (who we usually call “Bean”) are heroes for the breed, they are the sweetest most lovable, most non dangerous dogs ever, unless being licked to death is considered dangerous. They only want to hang out together, hang out with us, eat and sleep and play, and be silly and that’s pretty much it.

We first adopted Oliver (the brown mush above), we noticed him sitting in a fenced area at an adoption event at a local pet supply store. At first even we where hesitant to meet him, but after getting into the fenced area with him, he came over and snuggled up to us, we KNEW we had to add him to our family.

Gemma (the little white and grey princess smoosh with Oliver) was on the Angel City Pit Bulls website. She had been rescued and was staying at the NKLA or “No Kill LA” shelter. They are a very cool and well funded animal rescue with a huge kennel area filled with dogs and cats, large and small, and speaking of small..did you know the 2 most abandoned and sheltered dogs are pitbull breeds and Chihuahuas? anyways we had seen her on the website and wanted to meet her in person, when we did she ran right to me and sat in my lap, again, we knew she was a keeper.

Oliver and Gemma are best buds, I post pictures of them all over social media, I think they know they are being photographed and love the attention. What do you think?

Gems being silly in Palm Springs she always sneaks in an opportunity for some play time.

And when it’s cold outside, these two can’t seem to decide who should get the bed, so they share.

One particular website carries more girly apparel and accessories for girls who have pitties. Their stuff Is great!, I have gotten many t-shirts from them and stickers, and a percentage of their sales go towards helping local pitbull rescues.

Well there it is, the “tail” of our Moose (Oliver) and Bean ( Gemma).
In the upcoming months I’ll post more pictures and quick posts about these sillies for all to enjoy.

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