CariPro An Amazing Electric Toothbrush! Giveaway Included!

Have you ever used an electric toothbrush?

If you haven’t, then you need to! but don’t just take my word for it, talk to your dentist, they’ll agree.

Electric toothbrushes are an essential game-changer in the goal of having healthier gums and teeth. I’ve been using them for years and from someone who in the past had not so great teeth and gums, after switching to electric, it’s been nothing but improvements.

A lot of electric toothbrush brands that I’ve used in the past were usually very expensive, and the refill toothbrush heads were also pricey, and a recurring thought of mine was “there has to be a just as effective but cheaper version of an electric toothbrush out there”.

Recently I was approached by a brand called Smile Brilliant who asked me if I wanted to try their electric toothbrush the cariPRO™ electric toothbrush.

I thought to myself “ok how can this be different from the other toothbrushes out there?“, then I tried it and let me tell you, I liked it so much that I put away the one I’ve been using for years, and have only been using the cariPRO™ electric toothbrush going forward.

Now let’s talk about WHY I love this particular electric toothbrush.

First, I love that it has a timer for each section of your mouth, to make sure you are brushing for the full 2 minutes like other pricier brands offer, but this one has a much clearer pause, that tells you after you have brushed a section of your mouth, to move to the next.

Another great feature is that it fully turns off, which means you are done after 2 minutes. I love that! most brands just pause or have a distinct “beep” sound, where this one actually turns off, but wait there’s more!

The cariPRO™ electric toothbrush has several settings you can try: Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care, and Sensitive setting.

Clean: This setting is the one that I use most. This setting does a great job of cleaning your teeth and gives you that “straight from the dentist” feel without the expensive bill.

White: I love this setting! I drink a lot of iced coffee, and this is a setting that I use at least 2 0r 3 times a week. I use it with whitening toothpaste, and it makes me feel like I’m getting out all of the stubborn surface stains more effectively.

Massage: This was a setting that I wasn’t sure at first if I needed it until I tried it! I like to combine this setting with the Clean setting since it’s only 30 seconds on each section. It’s like an added bonus to brushing my teeth and it also works well with the White and the Sensitive settings, a very cool option.

Gum care: This is another mode that can also be combined with other cleaning modes. I like to use the default Clean setting, followed up with the Gum Care setting after as an extra step, and my teeth and gums feel really clean afterward.

Sensitive setting: This is a great setting for someone who has never used an electric toothbrush before, and the clean default may seem too rough. Also a perfect setting if you have sensitive gums and teeth, but just as effective as the Clean setting,  just less aggressive.

Overall this toothbrush has become a favorite and I actually find that I look forward to brushing my teeth more often than I used to. I love how clean my teeth and gums feel and I highly recommend it if you are in the market for a great price and great quality electric toothbrush.

Happy Brushing!

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