Going Beyond Dressing All Black to Be Edgy

Don’t get me wrong,
I love rocking an all black outfit, but in my opinion, dressing edgy doesn’t always mean wearing all black.

As my style has matured and evolved with my tastes in clothes over the years, so has my thoughts on how I can dress. How to still look cute but also be edgy. I started out first simply just deciding that I needed to just add some more color, here are some OOTD (outfit of the day) of some examples.

Then I started playing with mixing patterns and looking for prints that can go together, while also having a punk rock feel to the outfit. For instance, pictured above, I combined this fun floral camo top with a pair of black and white strip leggings. I then added a red long vest duster to pick up on the red in the flowers of the top and added my faux leather combat boots and tada! this is a match made in heaven. This look  is easy and comfortable but also well put together, and perfect for everyday running around or just grabbing coffee at my fave coffee place, and still accomplishes an edgy look.

This next OOTD pictured below is one of my faves!
Although yellow is not a color I had worn much before, but now a days i’m embracing all the colors of the rainbow, so yellow has to be there somewhere. This floral print long duster with the dark print leggings says “cool weather outfit but with some pizzaz”. After adding a pair of cool studded boots, and fun wide belt, makes this outfit edgy-tastic!

Living in California, i’d like to say that it’s sunny all the dang time, but lately it has been raining and cold, so I had to figure out a way to bundle up. One way is by adding a super soft scarf to an already fab mixed prints outfit. I love wearing stripes with florals. It gives an edgy but girly vibe. This is definitely an outfit that will be in heavy rotation this winter and can easily be taken into spring.

This last OOTD is also one of my faves. It mixing two prints that to me are the most fun, camo and floral!
At first thought, i’m sure it probably seems like in your head it would be way too much going on, but it actually is one of my fave ways to pattern mix.

Camo is mostly thought of a print for dudes, but hey chicks can wear camo too! and when you add flowers to it, whoa mama! Perfection!

So just don’t be afraid to try something new, style yourself how you want, try new things, mix prints, camo, stripes, flowers, paw prints, whatever! wear what you love, love what you wear!.

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