Introducing Myself to Marijuana, For A More Peaceful Mind

There is a lot going on in the world, and I pray for those who are having tough times financially, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Now that i’ve turned 40, I decided to take a step back and examine parts of my own life that I feel can be improved.

I wanted to change stuff up, for example I wanted to stop obsessing about petty things. and to stop worrying about what others think about me, I need to “just do it”, meaning if you like me? great!, if you don’t? its your problem.

My husband Larry had been dealing with lots of stress, anxiety, insomnia and having really bad mood swings, he decided “enough was enough”. Although he wanted something that would help him deal better with his anxiety and insomnia, and meditation wasn’t working, he needed something to take the “edge off” that wasn’t drinking or just popping a pill to feel better.

After doing some research, he decided to try medical marijuana, and during one of our recent “stay-cations” to palm springs with the fur kids, he experimented to see if it was a good solution. He explained that the purpose wasn’t to “get high”, it was to be balanced.

Literally after a few times, he said he was able to relax, and was sleeping better than he has even slept before. From seeing his positive experience, this seemed like a great option for me as well. I also wanted to have a calm mind, so I decided to make a appointment to get a medical marijuana card as well.

It was a super easy process. The Dr. at ECMM Venice asked me a few questions, such as “what do I need this for?”, and “what are my symptoms?” etc. I think it was just to see if I was trying to get marijuana for recreational use. I filled out some paperwork, got my picture taken, and then got my card. Next we went to the dispensary to get what we like the call “the medicine”. Everyone there was super friendly and helpful.

Now going into this, I knew for sure that I didn’t want to use medical marijuana the “traditional way” like with joints or pipes or bongs and stuff, and I knew that I didn’t want the smell in the house or on me, so I decided to go with a vape pen. I left the dispensary feeling so excited that I would finally have some relief, finally something to help me get out of my head, stop the anxiety and stress, to be more balanced.

I really hope more and more people find the value with medical marijuana like I did, and I’m really glad I was able to share my experience.


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