Leggings Are Pants, Change My Mind!

That’s right,
Leggings are pants, try to change my mind, won’t happen, especially when you have prints this good,

Recently I have re-discovered my love for leggings and how many ways I can wear them. I’ve been rocking them with oversized t-shirts as well as under dresses and skirts, and they have quickly become a favorite way to dress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always gonna be a “jeans girl” but sometimes you just want to feel like you are wearing sweat pants all day without actually wearing them!

Here are some ways I love to rock the leggings look!

One example is this look that came together in my head, at first I was unsure if would work in reality, but then when I put it on, I was so happy it turned out looking great! These plaid leggings are so soft and feel like I’m wearing sweatpants only way more put together.

As a petite girl, I have discovered many ways to try to shorten things, and one of my fave ways is just to roll up the bottoms! I love showing off my shoes and so this way I get the shorter length, and you get a peek at my awesome silver shoes. These beauties are from Steve Madden Girl.

These are one of my fave pair of leggings, and I’m all about a stripe and floral print top!

However, the color teal is also pretty great as well, Below I’m rocking this teal and stripe shirt, kinda plain for me, but paired with these flower leggings it compliments the outfit and looks super darn cute.

These are just a few examples of how you can look super cute but also edgy and also comfortable with leggings, checkout my instagram page I have way more examples.

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