Reconnecting to my Faith with Some Help from Bread Church

This post is about how god presents us all with tests and opportunities for clarity, and for some, ways to find our way back to faith in him…this is just such an experience.

Just a quick back story,
For a very long time I felt very religiously disconnected and not very spiritual.
Going to church and hearing the Word of God used to be something to looked forward to every Sunday, but within the past few years or so there was just something keeping me from even having the motivation to go.  I felt I had almost in a sense turned my back on church and maybe even on god. I obviously needed a change, and to feel a part of something again, feel more connected, and I was determined to find a way.

Recently, (as in within the last 2 or 3 months), during a Sunday morning walk with our dogs, my husband and I starting noticing a sign outside an elementary school down the street from where we live that had only 2 words on it. “Welcome Bread!”

I was like “ok whats this all about?”.

We brushed it off for a while, but every Sunday we would see this sign, I started to have a feeling like, “This might be a test” and I needed to check this out, and see what this was all about.

The sign is for Bread Church, a new church being planted in Los Angeles.

A little background about Bread Church.

Bread Church is led by Ed and Hannah Flint who are from Britain. Ed and Hannah and their 3 daughters moved to LA and started Bread.

For a full story on how bread started you can visit their website HERE
Bread church is for those who feel they don’t belong, or feel un-accepted, or have never believed but are curious, or who are christians and want to explore more about what that even means, or for those who have never been exposed to Christianity and are open to learn more.

Back to my experience,
The first Sunday I attended service at Bread,  I was really nervous, but also excited to see what this Bread Church was all about. I walked in and saw all of these super hip and cool looking people, most of them close to my age. This was a lot different from other churches I went to in the past, where I always felt “out-of-place” in a way. Bread Church is way different, not only with its smaller congregation, but I truly had a feeling of “being at home”. It had been a long time since I felt that comfortable.

The worship songs are so inviting and are super meaningly, full of emotion and clarity into why we are all there and who god is, and who god wants us to be. The sermons last for about an hour or so, but are packed with so much information, that you don’t even realize it has been that long. I find myself being almost sad when the service is over because I want to hear more. Most of the time its Ed or Hannah leading the sermons but sometimes they have others speakers.

The main thing I always come away with is, that Jesus is in the room and he is listening. He knows what everyone is going though and is there to guide you to the answer you need. It’s like he wants to put things in your path to say “hey I’m here, and I’m listening to you, but are you listening to me?”  There is no judging of anyone, its casual and everyone is super friendly.   Everyone is welcome and we all seem to have one thing in  common, We all want to feel like we belong and bread church makes you feel that way.


Jumping ahead to most recently,

Very much like with the “Welcome Bread” sign out front being a “Test”, and knowing where the church was currently located was unfortunately only a temporary spot, The time came and the announcement was made the church was moving.

I was hoping it was a location not too far away, but also felt like wherever they ended up, I knew I would follow. The new location is near Los Feliz, for exact location visit Bread’s website for details.

I was really comfortable with Bread church being in Culver City, and I don’t usually venture east of Los Angeles and  Los Feliz is not an area I have been to before, but after I “google’d it” I realized its only 20-30 mins away, so no big deal.

I am so glad  that I found this church, and that my husband and I are enjoying every part of the experience. For many years we never had this experience of us BOTH connecting, this is the first time in our entire relationship for this to happen, it must be for a reason.

There is a reason we noticed the sign out front the school, there is a reason we went in to check out the service, there is a reason we keep attending, there is a reason we go now out-of-the-way to hear the worship songs, sermons etc….there is a reason, and the reason is, bread has helped restore my faith in god and Jesus, and what it means to be a Christian, Thank you Bread!

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