Wearing what you love, loving what you wear.

I have always had the desire to not dress like everyone else. I love being different and having a style that is unique. I know that some things i wear may not be for everyone but thats ok. I have learned as i have gotten older its ok to stand out and not fit in thats what makes us different from everyone else.

Fashion is my favorite way to express my self.. besides my hair and may tattoos of course. Its a way to say something without saying anything at all.

I used to be very hesitant and afraid to have my picture taken. I found myself saying a lot “horrible pic” after seeing a pic of myself, no more, instead i’m going to embrace all the pics of me and no more thinking negatively. No more stressing about that, I want to be fearless and not be so stuck in my head with doubt! embrace my size, be good with myself being a little short (and a little round) is ok.

The main purpose of my blog is to offer a way for me to have fun and share my passion of fashion (specifically plus size fashion).

Like in the picture below, this is me just wearing what I love, and putting it out there for all to see and being care free!

Heres some things I have decided to embrace and make my own truths..

#1 “If you Love it Wear It”

I’ve decided to practice what I’ve been preaching, be confident in myself, wearing what I want, showing off my tattoos, stop covering up, and just be OK with me.

I’ve started to love myself more, and really embrace all of my flaws and also be ok with them. As I’ve progressed in my fashion journey, I’ve started to wear things that i feel show my true self more then I use to, break the fashion rules, mix patterns and wear something crazy!

#2 Fashion is supposed to be fun!

The new and improved Erin! breaking all the rules and feeling good! I have been doing this fashion blogging thing for a while and its taken me a while to realize that I shouldn’t care so much about what others think.

#3 Life is filled with so much drama anyways, getting dressed shouldn’t be stressful!

Stop wasting time and just be me, I encourage anyone else reading this post, if you are relating to what i’m saying at all, just say to yourself “If it makes me feel good, I’m going to wear it”.






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