You’re Never Too old to Get Tattoos On Your Birthday Right?


It happened, i’ve turned 40, and since it’s such a milestone, I decided to do something to take my mind off any possible mid life type craziness that might be lurking around the corner, I got some new ink.

I’ve been going to the same tattoo artist for years, his name is Abl and he works at Graffiti Palace Tattoo. in North Hollywood CA.

I’m really into traditional style artwork which is his speciality, this time I wanted to go with something that included a Butterfly.

Traditionally, butterflies symbolize transformation, but they can also have other meanings including acceptance and faith. I’ve been more involved with my faith lately and also want to change some things up in my life now that i’m 40, plus butterflies are pretty.

Here are some pics of the new tattoo. 🙂

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